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Best Apps for Streaming Your Favorite Music Without Internet

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What do you usually use to stream your favorite tracks when you go out there with friends or family? Some people don’t even think that it’s good to find something for streaming music. If you didn’t know, then get it today no vacation or holiday can be perfect without music. At home, many people use Wi-Fi or the internet for streaming their best tracks. But imagine a situation where you are going abroad.

Will you be comfortable with data charges that you might incur? Here are the apps you can use to stream your music without Wi-Fi or the internet.


SoundCloud is a great app that not only allows you to stream your favorite music offline but also gives you a chance to upload your won tracks and mixes as you deem fit. Besides that, it combines music streaming function with the social media.

On SoundCloud, you’ll enjoy browsing all the latest tracks while also listening to the old favorite ones. Indeed, it has many interesting features that you need to utilize if you would like to enjoy your music without any fear of incurring massive data charges.


With the iHeartRadio App, you have access to more than 800 radio stations, so you listen to the music you love from across cities in the U.S. Just imagine the wide variety of music channels you’ll have access to especially during holiday seasons such Christmas. Indeed, this is one of those topmost music streaming apps you don’t want to miss. Get it anytime, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your favorite music from whichever station you want.

Beats Music

Having been there for a couple of years, Beats Music App has evolved to be one of the best music streaming apps that one can use offline. Just get it and start searching for the artists and genres you love. The app will start creating stations for you. Isn’t that awesome? Well, now you have the knowledge. Get the app, and you won’t have to think or budget for data charges.


If you have Android or an iPhone then this is the app that you need to get. It works best, and you don’t need to be online every time. That’s why this excellent app has been gaining popularity day by day. It has fantastic features you won’t find in other music streaming apps. That’s the reason this is the number one app for travelers and anyone else who loves adventure.

spotify on phone
You don’t need internet to stream with Spotify

Other apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Slacker Radio and many others are also useful if you would like to be streaming music offline. You, therefore, have no reason to keep complaining about incurring huge data charges yet there are many apps out there that will still give you access to your favorite music. Give them a try, and you’ll no doubt love them.

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Learning a Music Instrument? Technology Can Help Make It Easy

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We all know the benefits of learning musical instruments. However, the process can be gratifying and frustrating at the same time. That’s why some people end up developing negative attitudes because of the frustration and the inability to master any of the instruments.

With all these technological advances, music is an industry that has been quite a big benefactor.

If you have resolved to learn one of them and would like to make the process an easy one, then here are the technologies that will make it easy:

Rock Prodigy App for Guitars

If you would like to make guitar playing an addictive game, you need to get the rock prodigy app. Through the app, you’ll get a wide library of songs and lots of exercises that will in no time make you a guru in guitar playing. The one good thing about this app is the fact that it offers various levels of difficulty in the learning process. That means you’ll have simple things to do when beginning and later you can turn to the most challenging ones once you feel you are ready to try them. If you use the app correctly, your learning process will be easy.

Most importantly, you’ll master the instrument in the shortest time possible.

Music Theory Website

You won’t miss having a few questions while learning your favorite instrument. Music Theory is the site you can turn to for the best answers and guidance especially when you are stuck. You’ll get the best lessons and information about scales, chords, odd time signatures, inversions and many other things that are usually a headache when learning music and instruments.

Though there are many other sites where you can get information, Music Theory is the best and easy to understand. Give it a try, and the outcome will be amazing.

electric guitar
You can learn to play this quicker than ever now.

The One Smart Piano Technology

Did you know that your smartphone can be useful in the learning of piano? Well, with the one smart piano technology, you can make your learning process easy by integrating the electronic keyboard and the smartphone technology. To keep the process interesting and enjoyable, the virtual instructor can help you master some techniques. So instead of going through tedious sessions alone without any assistance, simply get the technology and things will be enjoyable as you learn the nice art of playing the piano.

Musescore 2 for Notation

Reading, writing and transcribing music is never an easy task especially if you are doing it without any tool to assist you. If you are learning the art of writing melodic lines or writing songs, Musescore 2 is the tool you need to make learning easy and an enjoyable process. Its features make it possible for you to visualize the whole process.

Wolfie App

It works in the same way as the One Smart Piano safe for the fact that you won’t need to have any special hardware beyond a phone or tablet that helps you connect to the Appstore. Once you have gotten the app, you can use it to download sheet music and go through it. If you use well, this app will make things pretty simple from the beginning to the end.

Indeed, technology makes it possible for musicians to learn and master their work much easier than ever before. However, these technologies can only be of help if you know them and what they do. If you want to learn any music instrument, then give a try to the above excellent technologies. Ask any musician you love about how they got up there. You’ll realize that technology was part of their journey to being successful in their careers.



5 Tips for Being Successful In Music Technology Careers

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Music technology careers are becoming more marketable than ever before. Ask any youngster today what they think about music careers, and you’ll be surprised. It’s like everyone nowadays is thinking about pursuing a career in music. Is that what you want too?

Here Are 5 Tips To Make You Successful In That Career Path

1. Understand the Job Market

You can only thrive in a music career path if you know the industry inside out. Like many other industries out there, the music industry is ever changing. Besides that, music courses are also changing. If you would, therefore, like to be a star, then make sure that whatever you are doing is relevant and meets the expectations of the consumers in the industry.

2. Undergo Training for All the Latest Programs

No one can survive nowadays in any music career if they are not well-versed in all the latest music software. They are an integral part of making music. Besides that, recording studios are also changing their programs often. To secure a place and thrive, you, therefore, need to understand all music programs. If you can master them, then rest assured that you’ll make it.

3. Connections and Networks

As with any career path, you need networks and connections if you want to survive in the music industry. You ought to join hands with like-minded individuals, so you help each other to climb the ladder of success in your career. Working or riding alone, won’t take you any far. Networking will help you get information about recording studios, organizations and many other stakeholders in the music technology industry.

4. Be an Active Musician and Make Some Music

Don’t expect to be a passive musician and survive. You need to make music your daily task. Don’t let time pass without doing something musical or learning something new. Furthermore, it helps with the long journey of ascending way up when it comes to success in the music industry. If you can be an active musician, then rest assured that you’ll go far and be an icon to reckon.

Remember, here at Dallowayrecords, we help small artists with big potential get started and propel them to their heights. If you feel like you have what it takes, send us an email through the contact page and we can take it from there.

5. First-Hand Experience Is Very Vital

Being successful in the music industry requires that you get the first-hand experience especially when it comes to instruments. If you are keen, you must have noticed that things are changing every day. To remain relevant, you need to access technology and acquaint yourself with everything you need to be successful in the music industry.

With the above tips, you can rest assured that you’ll go far in the music industry. There’s no magic to success. You only need to get the relevant information, so you map out your path to success. Many opportunities exist, and they favor those who are prepared and armed with the right tips for success. Put the above tips into practice, and the results will no doubt be amazing.

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Record Players Will Be Billion Dollar Industry Again in 2017

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How is that for a headline. It has been recently reported that the record player and more specifically, the vinyl business, has topped over a billion dollars. The superior quality of vinyl records have seem to have made a comeback over contemporary multimedia player files.

The reason for this is because of the conversion process when creating an mp3/mp4 file. You skimp out on some quality, even in the most well done conversions. Retroactively, record players give you the most genuine and pure sound out there.

This is especially true if you have a nice setup. If you’re like most people and are looking to get into vinyl, you can check out Thebestturntable’s guide on the best record players and other beginner based how to’s. Be sure to grab your favorite record and give it a spin again.

The super crazy part, as Consequenceofsound states, is that while physical copies have completely plummeted in recent years (in favor for streaming services like Youtube, Spotify, etc.), vinyl records are being bought out at a rate unseen since the 80s. This super odd shift is great news for companies that stuck in the vinyl business, as they are seeing record profits this year and are rapidly growing as we speak.

What does the future hold next? Will we see cassette tapes make a comeback? Who knows at this point.

How To Make Your Own Beats for Free

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Want to compose but not sure how? You listen to songs everyday and you know that there is a rhythm within you as well which can translate into foot tapping, catchy music, but you don’t know how to read music or how to play an instrument. Because of this you are not able to bring out that rhythm which is flowing inside you and you don’t know what to do for your creative outlet. In short, you just wish there was some convenient way to make your own beat and if that is for free, then great!

Here’s the Solution

Wishes do come true sometimes; especially when it comes to creating your own music, with just your passion and no money. All you need is an ear for good music, a desire to create something of your own, and a way to get online.

A lot of online websites and software are there to help and guide you through each step of music composition, and the good part is most of them charge no money for their services. So the melody which has been inside you flows through you, as you hum the tune with the online software and choose a chord suiting your music. And then you can select the drum beats or guitar strings to add that feeling to your tune.

These online aides are like a mobile studio, where you can not only compose your basic rhythm but also add the desired effects and automation to those beats. So you get the flexibility of changing the tempo of your song or add another virtual instrument to it, without having to spend anything! Also there are some sample sounds available, which you can use as support or background for your music and add that added charm to it. Just browse through the unlimited options available and select one which best suits your rhythm and tune, and then record that beat which your heart desires.

You don’t have to spend your time and money looking for a quality studio which will let you record your music or finding people with talent and resources to make a band and support your melody. Just go online and create that beat which can go viral!

You are not alone

Now that you know how to make your own beat for free, you know how to give a creative outlet to your feelings and passion. Make a melody which strikes a chord and then you can share it with other music lovers like you, online. There are forums and groups online where people share and compare their compositions and exchange ideas for better creations. These forums not only provide an audience for what you’ve composed, but also helps you evolve and grow. After all discussions like these, ignites our curiosity and creativity further.

So even though you might not have had formal music training, you are not a part of a band; don’t let that stop you from being imaginative with chords and create something which every music lover admires.

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Music Industry: Technology and Trends In The Next Decade

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With the rate at which things are rapidly transforming in the music industry, we can look forward to seeing some amazing trends in the next ten years. Streaming, terrestrial radio marginalization, the rise of cloud-based marginalization and the emergence of new channels for distribution such as the social media are just but a few examples of the drivers of change in the music industry.

But are these the only things we’ll be seeing in the future? Well, there are many others. Here are the trends we should be prepared to watch in the next decade:

#1: Music CDs Will Be Collectible Relics

In the next decade, CDs will become obsolete because of the increasing consumption of digital music. In fact, sales are already going down at the moment implying the whole process might even take less than a decade. Music streaming is the major game changer and is displacing CDs and other old technologies day in day out.

#2: Social Media Will Be a Major Distribution Channel

Social media sites are continually looking for ways of increasing user engagement. As a result, we’ll soon see videos and other music stuff being distributed largely through the social media. At the moment, Facebook and Twitter are the major distribution channels for news. In fact, people browse these sites nowadays for news. With this trend, new musical hits will also in the next decade be distributed through the social media.

#3: Real Time Personalization Will Increase

Due to the evolving tastes of music consumers, real-time personalization will in the next decade thrive in the music industry. Machine learning algorithms together with artificial intelligence are already bringing the much-needed change. to meet the ever-changing tastes of consumers, real-time personalization will no doubt take over the music industry.

#4: Physical Sale of Music Products Will No Longer Exist

Digital music is what everyone wants nowadays. Unlike a few years ago when people had to visit music stores to buy new music stuff, one no longer needs to do so. What’s required nowadays is the internet, and one will be ready to get digital music hassle free. Since this is an already popular option, there will be no purchase or sale of music products physically like it has been for years.

#5: Terrestrial Radio Will Still Be a Distribution Channel

Many people think that radio will at one time be wiped out! While we acknowledge that streaming is gaining popularity, the fact remains that radio won’t go anywhere anytime soon. It will still be a distribution channel in the next decade. Though people use streaming and other means, they still listen to radio and love it.

Many other things will be happening in the music industry in the next decade. Technology is no doubt doing amazing things we’ve never seen in the past. If you’ve been anticipating or looking forward to changing, then you now have a picture of what the industry will look like in the future. It will, indeed, be quite different from what we see at the moment.

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How Technology Will Reshape the Future Music Production

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If we take a look at the music industry of the 1950s and compare with what we see now, there’s, indeed, a big difference. Music production has evolved over the years because of technological advancement. Though we might think that what we have at the moment is the best, the fact is that things are continuing to change as time lapses.

These trends will continue to shape our future in more ways than one. In the next decade, technology will reshape music production in the following ways:smartwatches with music capabilities

Smart Wearable Technology Will Get Into Music Production

At the moment, wearable technology is seen in the gaming and mobile world. However, that’s not the only area where the technology can be applied. It’s already finding a place in the music industry, and it’s just a matter of time before we see it doing great in music production. So what exactly will this technology do in music production? Well, some companies are finding ways of including music production suites in their devices.

A perfect example is the Imogen Heap’s gloves that make it possible to use gestures to control musical cues. All these and many other developments in the wearable technology will no doubt be soon great and useful in music production.

Artists Won’t Do Without Virtual Reality

VR and all its applications will soon be a big deal in the world of music. Virtual reality can be put into two categories namely the Public and private VR. So how will these things be useful in the music industry? Private VR will, for instance, allow artists to rehearse or practice in front of virtual conductors or audience. On the other hand, public VR will allow music production companies to sell shows with dead artists or musicians.

Surprised? Well, have you seen the famous holographic concerts by Mariah Carey, Gorillaz, Tupac Shakur and others? Those are the things we are talking about them. Aside from that, this technology will also make it possible for artists to perform several concerts at a time.

Artificial Intelligence Will Play Many Significant Music Production Roles

For many years, artists have always wished to have technology in the form of a computer application that will listen to a score and follows it along just the way a human being would do. At the moment no such innovation has found its way to the music industry. However, it’s anticipated that soon, the artificial intelligence technology will finally fill that gap.

AI and virtual reality will work together, and artists won’t again be wishing for innovations to do the roles they have always wanted to have them aided by a computer.

The above technologies and many others will, indeed, change the field of music production for the better. Which ones were you aware of? Well, with the speed at which things are changing in the music industry, there’s no doubt that the future music production will be an entirely new field with awesome technologies.

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Wirelessly Streaming Music at Home? Three Steps You Should Know

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Wireless sound systems are becoming more popular in homes these days. Indeed, it’s a great technology for streaming music without having to make several wire connections as it has been for a long time. It’s not, however, an easy task to set up a wireless network at home. To make a great network that works, you need to have the right tips at hand. If you are planning to stream music wirelessly at home, then here are the three steps you need to know:

Step#1: Get a Device for Playing Your Music

Your first step to putting up a wireless music system at home is to get the best device that can play the kind of music you want. Now the question is which devices do you need for you to enjoy streaming music at home? Well, unlike the older years when we used MP3 players and even iPods, these days, you need the more advanced ones that can do wireless streaming. That means you need music playing devices such as:

  • Smartphones
  • A Computer (Mac or PC)
  • A Tablet
  • Video Game Console

When searching for these devices, make sure you get those that can make use of Wi-Fi and or Bluetooth, so you connect to the wireless speakers. Besides that, you also need to check their streaming capabilities and music playback. The one good thing is that most modern music playing devices have these features.

Step#1: Identify Your Music Sources

Where will you get the music to stream wirelessly at home? Will you continue using the old sources? That might not work for you now that you are going wireless. At home, you can enjoy streaming music wirelessly from two sources:

  • Streaming through supported devices
  • Downloaded musicwirelessly streaming music on phone

When you download to your computer or smartphone you can stream them by playing through your favorite app. That means you’ll enjoy it on the speakers connected at home either through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. On the other hand streaming using supported devices is a little bit easy because in most cases they come with their own app.

Step#3: Decide the Kind of Speakers You Will Use

How do you want to listen to music at home? Here is where personal preferences come in. Some people like small speakers that are easy to carry around. Others also like using a network of speakers connected throughout the entire house playing the same music.

When it’s time to make this decision, please make sure that you consider things such as money to spend and how best each option works at home. That’s the best way to get most appropriate speakers for use at home. A good tip is to check out the amazon’s best sellers list to find top options for you.

As you can see, it’s pretty simple to stream music wirelessly at home. You only need to follow the above steps and you’ll be ready to start enjoying your music wirelessly at home. As long as you have the best device, a means of accessing digital music and an excellent speaker, you are ready to build a fantastic music streaming system for your home.