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Best Apps for Streaming Your Favorite Music Without Internet

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What do you usually use to stream your favorite tracks when you go out there with friends or family? Some people don’t even think that it’s good to find something for streaming music. If you didn’t know, then get it today no vacation or holiday can be perfect without music. At home, many people use Wi-Fi or the internet for streaming their best tracks. But imagine a situation where you are going abroad.

Will you be comfortable with data charges that you might incur? Here are the apps you can use to stream your music without Wi-Fi or the internet.


SoundCloud is a great app that not only allows you to stream your favorite music offline but also gives you a chance to upload your won tracks and mixes as you deem fit. Besides that, it combines music streaming function with the social media.

On SoundCloud, you’ll enjoy browsing all the latest tracks while also listening to the old favorite ones. Indeed, it has many interesting features that you need to utilize if you would like to enjoy your music without any fear of incurring massive data charges.


With the iHeartRadio App, you have access to more than 800 radio stations, so you listen to the music you love from across cities in the U.S. Just imagine the wide variety of music channels you’ll have access to especially during holiday seasons such Christmas. Indeed, this is one of those topmost music streaming apps you don’t want to miss. Get it anytime, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your favorite music from whichever station you want.

Beats Music

Having been there for a couple of years, Beats Music App has evolved to be one of the best music streaming apps that one can use offline. Just get it and start searching for the artists and genres you love. The app will start creating stations for you. Isn’t that awesome? Well, now you have the knowledge. Get the app, and you won’t have to think or budget for data charges.


If you have Android or an iPhone then this is the app that you need to get. It works best, and you don’t need to be online every time. That’s why this excellent app has been gaining popularity day by day. It has fantastic features you won’t find in other music streaming apps. That’s the reason this is the number one app for travelers and anyone else who loves adventure.

spotify on phone
You don’t need internet to stream with Spotify

Other apps such as Spotify, Pandora, Slacker Radio and many others are also useful if you would like to be streaming music offline. You, therefore, have no reason to keep complaining about incurring huge data charges yet there are many apps out there that will still give you access to your favorite music. Give them a try, and you’ll no doubt love them.

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