How To Make Your Own Beats for Free

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Want to compose but not sure how? You listen to songs everyday and you know that there is a rhythm within you as well which can translate into foot tapping, catchy music, but you don’t know how to read music or how to play an instrument. Because of this you are not able to bring out that rhythm which is flowing inside you and you don’t know what to do for your creative outlet. In short, you just wish there was some convenient way to make your own beat and if that is for free, then great!

Here’s the Solution

Wishes do come true sometimes; especially when it comes to creating your own music, with just your passion and no money. All you need is an ear for good music, a desire to create something of your own, and a way to get online.

A lot of online websites and software are there to help and guide you through each step of music composition, and the good part is most of them charge no money for their services. So the melody which has been inside you flows through you, as you hum the tune with the online software and choose a chord suiting your music. And then you can select the drum beats or guitar strings to add that feeling to your tune.

These online aides are like a mobile studio, where you can not only compose your basic rhythm but also add the desired effects and automation to those beats. So you get the flexibility of changing the tempo of your song or add another virtual instrument to it, without having to spend anything! Also there are some sample sounds available, which you can use as support or background for your music and add that added charm to it. Just browse through the unlimited options available and select one which best suits your rhythm and tune, and then record that beat which your heart desires.

You don’t have to spend your time and money looking for a quality studio which will let you record your music or finding people with talent and resources to make a band and support your melody. Just go online and create that beat which can go viral!

You are not alone

Now that you know how to make your own beat for free, you know how to give a creative outlet to your feelings and passion. Make a melody which strikes a chord and then you can share it with other music lovers like you, online. There are forums and groups online where people share and compare their compositions and exchange ideas for better creations. These forums not only provide an audience for what you’ve composed, but also helps you evolve and grow. After all discussions like these, ignites our curiosity and creativity further.

So even though you might not have had formal music training, you are not a part of a band; don’t let that stop you from being imaginative with chords and create something which every music lover admires.

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