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Record Players Will Be Billion Dollar Industry Again in 2017

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How is that for a headline. It has been recently reported that the record player and more specifically, the vinyl business, has topped over a billion dollars. The superior quality of vinyl records have seem to have made a comeback over contemporary multimedia player files.

The reason for this is because of the conversion process when creating an mp3/mp4 file. You skimp out on some quality, even in the most well done conversions. Retroactively, record players give you the most genuine and pure sound out there.

This is especially true if you have a nice setup. If you’re like most people and are looking to get into vinyl, you can check out Thebestturntable’s guide on the best record players and other beginner based how to’s. Be sure to grab your favorite record and give it a spin again.

The super crazy part, as Consequenceofsound states, is that while physical copies have completely plummeted in recent years (in favor for streaming services like Youtube, Spotify, etc.), vinyl records are being bought out at a rate unseen since the 80s. This super odd shift is great news for companies that stuck in the vinyl business, as they are seeing record profits this year and are rapidly growing as we speak.

What does the future hold next? Will we see cassette tapes make a comeback? Who knows at this point.

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