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How Technology Will Reshape the Future Music Production

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If we take a look at the music industry of the 1950s and compare with what we see now, there’s, indeed, a big difference. Music production has evolved over the years because of technological advancement. Though we might think that what we have at the moment is the best, the fact is that things are continuing to change as time lapses.

These trends will continue to shape our future in more ways than one. In the next decade, technology will reshape music production in the following ways:smartwatches with music capabilities

Smart Wearable Technology Will Get Into Music Production

At the moment, wearable technology is seen in the gaming and mobile world. However, that’s not the only area where the technology can be applied. It’s already finding a place in the music industry, and it’s just a matter of time before we see it doing great in music production. So what exactly will this technology do in music production? Well, some companies are finding ways of including music production suites in their devices.

A perfect example is the Imogen Heap’s gloves that make it possible to use gestures to control musical cues. All these and many other developments in the wearable technology will no doubt be soon great and useful in music production.

Artists Won’t Do Without Virtual Reality

VR and all its applications will soon be a big deal in the world of music. Virtual reality can be put into two categories namely the Public and private VR. So how will these things be useful in the music industry? Private VR will, for instance, allow artists to rehearse or practice in front of virtual conductors or audience. On the other hand, public VR will allow music production companies to sell shows with dead artists or musicians.

Surprised? Well, have you seen the famous holographic concerts by Mariah Carey, Gorillaz, Tupac Shakur and others? Those are the things we are talking about them. Aside from that, this technology will also make it possible for artists to perform several concerts at a time.

Artificial Intelligence Will Play Many Significant Music Production Roles

For many years, artists have always wished to have technology in the form of a computer application that will listen to a score and follows it along just the way a human being would do. At the moment no such innovation has found its way to the music industry. However, it’s anticipated that soon, the artificial intelligence technology will finally fill that gap.

AI and virtual reality will work together, and artists won’t again be wishing for innovations to do the roles they have always wanted to have them aided by a computer.

The above technologies and many others will, indeed, change the field of music production for the better. Which ones were you aware of? Well, with the speed at which things are changing in the music industry, there’s no doubt that the future music production will be an entirely new field with awesome technologies.

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